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Pokemon Leaders - Falkner by silkiechan
Pokemon Leaders - Falkner
The elegant master of flying pokémon, Falkner.

From now on I'll be doing the layouts differently since adding text is an ordeal in the drawing program I'm currently using. Nowadays I try to experiment and practice different things with these pictures so there's most likely gonna be some odd balls coming up :'D

But about Falkner...yes, he's one of my all time favorites. Why? I don't know for sure. Maybe since around the time I was playing this game, I was a pre-teen girl and of course this pixely, handsome guy caught my eye XD other than that, I just find it adorable that he respects his dad so much. Though he's a bit cheat since he had a lv. 9 pidgeotto :I not cool Falkner, not cool.

Btw click here to see what happens when you're drawing when you should be sleeping.

Kanto Leaders: Brock | MistyLt. Surge | Erika | Janine | Sabrina | Blaine | Blue

Johto Leaders: Bugsy
Pokemon Leaders - Blue by silkiechan
Pokemon Leaders - Blue
Champion, leader and rival since childhood, next up is Blue (/Green/Gary).

I got recently asked about why Blue's name is Green in the Pokémon Special-manga, and I explained that it's 'cos of the original game releases were Red and Green in Japan, and since the main character was Red, the rival's name was Green. Though now that I went to investigate the matter, in Pokemon Green the default names you can give to the rival are Red, Satoshi and Jack :'D this question about names has left me with more confusion. 
But phew, I got all the Kanto-leaders drawn. I wasn't entirely happy with this one but it's the best I can manage with the time and talent I now have so I'm proud I finished it :) Next up is Falkner to finally give Bugsy some company to the list.

Blue (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
art (c) me

Kanto Leaders: Brock | MistyLt. Surge | Erika | Janine | Sabrina | Blaine

Johto Leaders:  FalknerBugsy
Pokemon Leaders - Blaine by silkiechan
Pokemon Leaders - Blaine
The mysterious old man behind the fiery gym of Cinnabar Island, Blaine.

....holy sh*t he came out as a real creep 8'D I mean good god, he looks like a pyromaniac...or pyrophile X'D ahem...yeah, he's cool even though he might not seem like that in my drawing. And what's up with the official arts, there's no front reference pic of the HG/SS outfit. I ended up using similar design with Joltik92. My first time drawing proper flames btw.

Blaine (c) Nintendo/Game Freak
art (c) me

Kanto Leaders: Brock | MistyLt. Surge | Erika | Janine | Sabrina | Blue

Johto Leaders:  FalknerBugsy
I haven't been active as of lately, haven't I? :'D it's time for the last journal-update of the year since I'll probably be busy the last days of '13.

So, what has happened this year? Let's see...

-I've managed to stay alive 1,5 years in the school I'm attending \o/ it's a big step for me, really. Gotta say that my anxiety towards new people has decreased since starting the school. It's like throwing a lamb into wolf's pit. This lamb's getting stronger òwó mowohohoho.
-I got a part-time job as a cleaning-lady, and it has kept me sooo busy =_= even my own mom called me a week after my birthday to congratulate me and I was like "and not a moment too soon" and she was like "YOU'RE SO BUSY NOWADAYS I CAN'T CONTACT YOU" and that scared the living hell outta me o_o sorry for being busy, trying to balance my life as hard as I can.
-I whiched from PSE to SAI. I'm still getting used to it.
-Went to 4 pre-X-mas parties. Drank at every on of 'em. That's more than in the whole year x_x
-Much emotional stuff. Some really bad and some helluva good. It's becoming more and more balanced so no worries ^u^

What have I learned?

-My self-esteem has never been this good before. I've gotten pretty good at pumping myself this year. Everyone should try to treat themselves as their best friends. Though I'm not quite finished with myself yet, I've made some sweet progress.
-Probably some artsy stuff. 'haven't been that progressive this year so can't say for sure 8'D
-That everything's gonna work out eventually. If not today, then eventually. Just keep moving.

My goals for the next year?

-To graduate.
-To make a great portfolio about my works for the future.
-To enjoy things as much as I can.
-To make things I'm proud of.

...and I figured that I didn't manage to complete all the goals I set for this year ;_; except the figure I'm satisfied with. And submitting a year worth of Lost Cause on the internet. But I started the rest of 'em so it's good enough for me for now. This year I'm taking fewer tasks, and try to actually get them done =u=

Any new year resolutions?
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A person who loves making things.

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One Winged Office: A Sephiroth Song [link]
The Magikarp Song [link]
The Eevee Song: A Pokemon Jazz Number [link]

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